Kusala Carpets aims to create employability for the families in Selang Camp, Nepal, in order to help them become financially self-sustainable. ​​
Our story:
Due to the terrifying earthquakes and huge landslides in 2015, more than 2.5 million Nepali people are now displaced. 130 families, originally from Selang and Golchi VDC, have moved to Selang camp: a place on top of a mountain in Sindhupalchowk district with only temporary shelters and no existing local economy. Multiple NGOs and individuals have come to help these unemployed people who have barely anything left. They have been providing food, clothes, blankets, medication etc. Although these projects are crucial for the survival of these people, they fail to provide long-term solutions aimed at helping families become financially self-sustainable.

 In our search to sustainable solutions for Selang camp families, we decided to take an approach that is slightly, yet crucially different from those of present NGOs. Instead of focusing on the question “What do they need now?” we focused on the question ‘How can we work together for a better future?’ We discovered around 50 people in this camp have the skills to make traditional Nepali 
hand-made carpets. They only needed looms (the machines) and a roof over their heads in order to start creating carpets and earning money for their families each month.

Within three months we managed to gather enough funds, experienced people and legal papers to start building a temporary building for Kusala Carpet factory. The whole building process was achieved together with the local community, for which they received daily salaries. After the building was finished, the looms were brought to the factory and people started weaving the first carpets. The weavers received their first monthly salaries and were able to take care of their families by themselves.

We are now in the process of finding out how profits can be used to benefit the community most, and we are looking for new donors so that we can build a permanent factory in Selang.
Looking back on 2017
2017 was a challenging and turbulent year for us at Kusala Carpets. We faced different management set ups, legal responsibilities, floods, theft, visa issues, damage of the building, many communication struggles and even local fights. Yet, thanks to all your (mental) support in difficult times, we decided to continue our volunteering and give the factory one last chance to succeed. In the coming weeks we will do all we can to support the community, keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated about the situation. Curious what happened? Keep on reading here ...

Kusala Carpets aims to create employability for the families in Selang Camp (Nepal) in order to help them become financially self-sustainable.

NEW: Michèle Stebler in our team!

We are very happy to welcome our new permanent team member Michèle Stebler from Switzerland! Since last year she is been helping the project in ......
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