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Namaste ! It's me Alisha Bhandari, 25 years, from Nepal.
I was in Kathmandu when the terrible earthquake hit Nepal causing unbearable destruction. My family  and I were safe but I lost one of my friends and many innocent Nepalese. I joined All Hands Volunteers with helping earthquake victims in Sindhupalchowk, the most affected district of Nepal, for six months. While working there I saw terrible parts left over by the earthquake. I have seen the tears of innocent suffering people from very close. I also ran a blanket project and distributed blankets in very poor villages of Sindhupalchowk where victims were left to suffer of cold. Now here I am with these amazing ladies, who leave no stone unturned to help Nepal, working to give work displaced victims of huge landslide caused by the earthquake.
Alisha Bhandari

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Kathmandu, Nepal
Virginia, USA

Namaste, i’m Carla from Barcelona and i’m 25 years old.
When the big earthquake hit Nepal i just arrived in Pokhara with two friends. As we could feel on firsthand the consequences of the earthquake and heard all the sad stories from friends, we decided to start helping through this page: www.facebook.com/desdenepal
When i came back in December i saw the situation didn’t change that much. While distributing blankets in Sindhupalchowk we saw the bad situation the people of Selang Camp were living in. We thought giving them a blanket was necessary but not the solution to make them independent from NGOs. Now i completely believe our team, together with the community, will make this project successful and the situation in the future of these people will change in a better way

Carla Pradas Canela

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Barcelona, Catalonia
Namaste, I’m Sofie from Nijmegen in The Netherlands
and 25 years old. I very much like traveling what made me go to Nepal with my friend Robin and my brother Stef, two years ago in march. We were still there when the earthquake hit. Luckily after being stuck in the mountains for a week we came out safe. Together with Robin and Stef, I started Stichting Stand by Nepal and fundraised money in The Netherlands. In October 2015 I came back to Nepal and started working with the NGO my two friends started Living Nepal , who is doing a lot of things with schools in rural areas. When the winter started we also distributed blankets, including in Selang camp. Here we started talking with these people and our new project to help more people was born.   
Sofie Steffens

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Namaste! I am Sophie from the Netherlands, 24 years old.
Unlike my friends/colleagues, I was not in Nepal during the earthquakes last year as I was studying at Amsterdam University College. After I graduated, I came to Nepal to support Sofie with volunteering. During my stay in Nepal this year i have seen many destroyed houses and huge landslides. I experienced how wonderful and friendly Nepali people are, and i really want to help them build a better future. I strongly believe this project will help the villagers to come out of extreme poverty and i am happy to work together with our great team to make this project a success. 

Sophie Lagarrigue

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

   I’m Pauline, 25 years, from France. I’ve studied architecture and came to Nepal for the frist time in October 2015, to help after the earthquake. I volunteered with All Hands Volunteers and also worked as an intern for ASF (Architecture Sans Frontieres) And A&D (Architecture et Development) in reconstruction post-earthquake. After a couple of months back in France, I decided to return to Nepal from March 2016. I joined again All Hands Volunteers, this time with more responsibilities as a Base manager at the office and Team leader on site, until I heard that Alisha was looking for an architect for Kusala Carpets project. After hearing more about it and meeting Carla i totally joined it! I took part in the design and construction of the factory with Ahmed and spent almost two full months at Selang Camp working with the community. I’m very happy to be part of this project and I believe that we can do a lot together, helping but also learning from the amazing people of Nepal.

Pauline Merlet

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Bordeaux, France

Namaste, my name is Michèle Stebler and I'm 29 years old.
I’m a Social worker here in Switzerland, where I also live. From October 2015 to September 2016 I travelled through Southeast Asia and East Africa. I spent April and May in Nepal, where I met Carla in Kathmandu. She asked me to visit her project in Selang. So I went there and I was really impressed of what the girls already reached in a short time. There I also met Pauline and Alisha. I liked working on the construction and in promotion together with the two of them. Since this time, I stayed in contact with Kusala and also met the other members, Sofie and Sophie in Holland. After meeting all the team members, I definitely wanted to go back to Nepal for the project. So I went back in April 2017. After the girls asked me to become a member of the Kusala team, I was super happy! I'm impressed of the work the girls do and I'm sure the project will be a success and a big help for the people of Selang Camp.
Michèle Stebler

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Basel, Switzerland